Create & Play iOS Update Coming

Posted 02/12/2011 at 14:11:00 
That's right, a winter update for Arthur & Charles present Create & Play has been submitted to Apple today, so all being well it will be available in the app store within a week. Highlights of the new update are:

1. 60 new pieces for the face creator! Lots of winter and Christmas pieces (take a look at some of the faces below made with the new pieces to see what we mean!). Everything from carrot noses to scarves and plenty of other assorted winter goodies.

2. A new animated winter background for the games. Snowflakes, clouds and a special animated snowman.

3. New animations on the main menu and updated options on the first menu.

Watch this space, we'll add a new Daily Bugapilla news item as soon as it's available for download.
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