Arthur & Charles Present Create & Play

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Universal for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad

All About Create & Play

A fun and happy app for the whole family! Let your imagination run wild creating unique cartoon faces from over 400 billion possible combinations. Use your wild, whacky, beautiful creations in the memory challenging Card Match, the fast paced Match 3, or test your powers of observation in the Patterns games.

Up to four people can use the game on each device, and there are 178 individual pieces to choose from in the Face Creator, so you’ll always have a different character set from your friends and family. There are 3 variations of each game to play, 4 different animated backgrounds you can choose from, and a gentle soundtrack the whole family will enjoy.

Each game comes with animated help so you can quickly learn how to play the games, and there are top ten leader boards keep track of your scores. Designed by artist Moopf with a little help from his two friends, Arthur and Charles, Create and Play is fun to play with and lovely to look at.

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Reviews for Create & Play

'Building faces through the different customizable facial features will bring to life your kids' imagination. And it's also fun for the parents as well! The games are fun brain exercises that will help improve kids' memory and spatial skills. Great illustrations plus smooth animations make this a fun and creative app for the whole family.' I Heart This App

'Arthur & Charles Present Create & Play has such a friendly feel to it... Moopf's art has appealed to all the ages at my house and it's been fun to watch everyone notice different little details on the faces. This app has been a charming surprise and a hit with my kids.' The iPhone Mom

'As the title suggests, this is a highly creative task for children that will sparkle their creativity.' Kids App Mobi

'Arthur & Charles present Create & Play is a nifty creative game for kids…There's plenty of help available for new players which is handy. My kids totally love it!' We Do Code

'Why we think it is great: Here is a great memory cards game, with unique and beautiful illustrations, sound effects and music… a terrific memory card game for less then a dollar!' Apps 4 Kids

'Arthur and Charles Present Create & Play is a super-cute and very charming universal app offering a lot of creativity and simple, fun gameplay… Although a kids’ game, adults will delight in exploring this app as well, as will the older siblings of this target audience of younger children. I am very smitten with this app and the art of Moopf.' Giggle Apps

'Honestly, there are very few apps that wow me, but Arthur & Charles Present Create & Play by Moopf is an iPad app that is just plain — Awesome! A big hit amongst apps are those that can be customized; letting your personality shine through in an app is a brilliant idea.' Crazy Mike's Apps

'What a simple, but brilliant concept: Children can make faces of themselves, their family, their favorite characters, etc., completely customizing their own games… Arthur & Charles Present Create & Play , by developer Moopf, is a great app that blends art, puzzles, creativity and customization at a great price (99 cents for an iPad app is terrific.) Highly recommended.' Smart Apps for Kids

Reviews left by customers on iTunes:

Beautiful and fun *****
‘I love this beautiful little app. So nicely designed and also surprisingly addictive! The ability to make your own faces is superb, and it makes playing the games even more fun when you see your own creations appear (and such an enormous array of potential faces to be made!).'

Wonderful *****
‘While this app may be aimed at children it doesn’t stop it from being great fun and quite challenging for all ages.’

Really lovely app *****
‘This app keeps me and my 3 year old daughter entertained for ages. Really intuitive to use, very creative, and great fun! Hugely recommended.’

Great fun for all the family *****
'Our kids have yet to get a play as my wife appears to have been glued to the iPad since I introduced her to the game…. The music and sound effects are great too, something that’s often forgotten about it apps.’

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